Why a Book Cover Is So Important

We should not judge a book by its cover but we can tell a lot about a book, by its cover. To drive sales and create a lasting impact on your readers, you need to understand the importance of a book cover.

To begin with, a book cover is the first way of connecting with the reader. Before taking the time to go through the words that form a summary, the reader will notice the vibrant colors or an attractive portrait. First impressions count and a memorable one will encourage your audience to give your work a chance.

In addition, the cover speaks a universal language. Consider a title like The Fault in Our Stars, it is poetic but can be ambiguous for most people, including the ones who know the allusion. Instead, pair the title with a simple image of two teenagers' heads touching as one of them wears an oxygen tube and the cover will speak volumes about the plot. Whenever the title falls short, the image may cover the gaps and help transfer the idea of the book.

Furthermore, the cover creates an emotional connection. Before inquiring about the genre and the plot, a reader will gravitate towards what they feel. To trigger their respective emotions, genres like horror and romance need to present appropriate fonts and use colors to their advantage. For instance, it is rare to see bright pink on the cover of a psychological thriller. This would have a dark element to it.

Finally, the book’s essential facts are on the cover. Credibility, especially in non-fiction, is a powerful tool in attracting readers. Anyone will be more likely to take home a book that says “New York Times” in the front. Words like “award-winning” or simply a three-worded praise from Kirkus Reviews makes the novel trustworthy in the eyes of the audience. We hope that you share our views on the importance of book covers.

Central Park South Publishing is always delighted to read your work with a view to publishing it and to help find a designer to design the best cover which reflects your book.