To help you bring your book up to publishable standard for publishing with Central Park South Publishing, we offer the following editorial assistance:

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Testimonials for Editorial Services

First let me say that the editor’s help with my book was immeasurable. I used several of his line revisions, but more importantly were his side notes that helped me develop my manuscript, especially the way to set up hooks into the chapters. The edit was definitely worth it.” –Dan Landon, From the Back of the House

“Please give my thanks again to the editor. I found his notes chastening, challenging, enlightening and realistic. It’s as if he’s handed me a set of golden keys…In the process of this reworking, both main characters have become stronger and their arcs better defined…Thanks once again for the editing road-map. I love this now. I’m hoping you will to.”  Robin Squire, Jack-a-Dandy

“First off I’d like to thank you for finding me this editor for my book. I want to say, she did a phenomenal job. Thank you so much for that recommendation!” –China Meyers, Covid 19: Natural Strategies

“The editor is truly amazing. I’m so grateful for all of his edits, questions, and suggestions. I’m going with just about everything he recommended.”–Ann Crawford, Bazoomerangs

“Just a few words to tell that I am actively working on the book after the edit, which is very valuable! Please be so kind to already express my gratitude for his great and thorough work.” –Eric Dubois, Good Lucks

“After submitting my manuscript and receiving the editorial analysis, I’m confident that this has proven to be the best investment I could have made toward the future success of my project. Your editor provided a critical overview and professional assessment of the concept followed by a detailed edit and analysis of the complete work. He left nothing to chance, evaluating every sentence, every paragraph and every chapter. He became personally involved in the novel and with the characters, and in the process I felt like he became my mentor and partner, making observations and suggestions that served to improve the script and tell the story. I sincerely appreciate your recommendation of this editor. He is a valuable asset to your agency and I have profound respect for his talent and his dedication to his craft.” – Jerry Bee, “Darius Provine and the Slingshot Saga”