Secession is a fascinating political thriller, that presents an America on the brink of civil war. Under an impressive presidential administration, with a focus on immigration laws, California threatens to secede, and a family is caught in the rebellion. John Mayer is an author, and award-winning screenwriter with 10 scripts to his credit. He is also an internationally acclaimed clinical psychologist. Koji Steven Sakai is a writer and producer of numerous films, television shows, books, graphic novels, and podcasts. Available here. 

We’re Overdosed looks at the history of opium and the drug’s spread throughout the world. It traces the origin of morphine from opium, the subsequent synthesis of opioids and the birth of the global pharmaceutical industry. The story also looks forward and asks how new treatments offer hope in treating addiction. Barry I. Gold is a retired pharmacologist who began his career teaching medical school and went on to manage drug development teams for a German pharmaceutical company. He has been published in Woman’s Day, History Magazine, and the book Short Story Contest Winners by Warren Adler. Available here.

Savage Payback is a thriller that follows Jack Calder, a former SAS officer who runs a specialist security firm, as he investigates a series of bombings at luxury jewelry stores. Jack and his team quickly identify the aggressor as an ex-colleague turned renegade mercenary with a twisted lust for revenge. Seumas Gallacher escaped from the world of finance thirteen years ago, after a career spanning three continents and five decades. He observed at close quarters the effects and rhythms of international crime. This is the fifth book in the Jack Calder series. Available here.

Hollywood Wingman is a fascinating memoir of Joe Bucz’s career in Hollywood, from taking an agent trainee position with the William Morris Agency, to becoming a script reader for renowned director Tony Bill, to being hired with the LA Sparks and Lakers. Joe Bucz worked in Los Angeles for 35 years, where he met and befriended numerous stars and celebrities.  He also worked for the maverick owner of the LA Lakers, Dr. Jerry Buss. Some of his accolades include, a credit on a feature film, an announcement on the front page of the Hollywood Reporter, his profile in the Paramount Studios newsletter, and several pieces printed in the LA Times. Available here.

Bon Amour: Love’s Pursuit of Happiness is a beautiful memoir that recounts Ken McAdams meeting his first wife, Bobbye, and the highs and lows they experienced while building a house together in New England in the 1960s. Ken shares the humorous mishaps and heartfelt moments. Ken McAdams is a graduate of Yale University and a former Marine Corps Naval Aviator who broke four world records for flying over the North and South Poles. Available here.

Better Endings: A Guidebook for Creative Re-Visioning is a fun, self-discovery approach to personal memoir and mindfulness journaling. The journaling and reflection seeds provided throughout this book let you play with ‘better-endering’ as you practice the empowering art of creative re-visioning. Dr. Linda K. Watts is a cultural and linguistic anthropologist with a background in life history studies.  She is the author of to other self-help books. Available here.

My Love Affair: Thorns and Roses is a book of poetry influenced by the author’s play A Year in Picasso. This beautiful collection of poetry captures moments of love found and lost. Natalia Lazarus is well known and respected in Hollywood as the passionate Founder and Producer of the distinguished Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory and its iconic Promenade Playhouse. She is an actress, writer, and director.  Available here.

The Upside to Everything, Even Breast Cancer is a must read for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. Drescher creates a comprehensive guide that combines medical and practical information, and shares wisdom gathered from fifteen years volunteering on a breast cancer helpline and from speaking to women diagnosed with breast cancer around the world. Theresa Drescher is a life and career coach, author, an entrepreneur, the director of a nonprofit, and a twenty-two-year breast cancer survivor.  Available here.

Sona: The Story of a Dog Who Taught Me About Love is the heartfelt story of the love between a sly, clever dog and a very busy journalist.  Including well researched advice on raising a dog. Ponchitta Pierce has had a prolific career television host and producer, a journalist, and a speechwriter. She has worked at CBS News as a special correspondent, and at WNBC-TV in New York, where she hosted and co-produced a daily television show, Today in New York, and served as a Contributing Editor for Parade and McCall’s magazines, a Roving Editor for Reader’s Digest. Available here.

Living With the Dutch: An American Woman Finds Friendship Abroad is a touching and humorous account of a family learning to tackle expatriate problems as they learned to understand and love a new country, its people, and its culture.  Norean Sharpe is the author of textbooks and numerous scholarly papers in her field of statistics and the history of women in science. Norean has taught at Bowdoin College, Babson College, Georgetown University, and St. John’s University. Available here.

Cherry Angels and Earthly Tigers: My Life Among Dangerous Wild Animals is the stunning memoir of a beautiful, rebellious young woman who rescues scores of dangerous exotic animals and cares for them by turning to prostitution. This unique, provocative, eerie story details Angela Harter’s 16 years as the owner of Rescue One and as the proprietor and only employee of Cherry Angels escort services. Angela Harter grew up feral on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, abused, neglected and frequently in trouble with the law. Available here. 

A Moment in Time: Finding Strength in a Pandemic is a collection of COVID-19 missives and musings. They honor the hard work and process of making it through a moment in time – some lessons learned, and some experiences shared. Jody Kussin, Ph.D., is a kind, funny, bright, skilled, and thoughtful clinical psychologist and author, who works to help strengthen and enhance the lives of teens, parents, adults, couples, schools, and communities.  Available here.

Will You Keep Me Tomorrow will take the reader on a journey of wealth, poverty, romance, surprise and murder across the globe. Chester Jones is a successful CEO of a mining equipment company in Victoria, Australia. Chester’s life is changed when he finds a baby abandoned in the Dandenong Ranges, on the same night that the shark eaten body of a woman washes up on a nearby beach. Steven Fine has held careers in exhibition security, retail, and public relations in South Africa, before finally finding his passion in safari expeditions and travel writing when he moved toAustralia. Available here.

That’s What Junkies Do is a brutally honest, often dark journey of one man’s struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction. Now, a grown man and upstanding citizen, with a career, a fiancé and people who count on him every day, Thomas secretly navigates his way through a seven-and-a-half-year struggle, eventually finding his way back to recovery. Thomas Figlioli Thomas M. Figlioli, a first time author, grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Pace University in Pleasantville, New York and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. Available here.

The Power of Perfume shares fragrance tips to help you discover your unique personality. This book is a compilation of Sue’s love of perfume and the answers given to the numerous questions asked by so many people who are fascinated by this marvelous subject, of how to choose it and where to wear it. Sue Phillips is a ‘scentrepreneur’ and fragrance expert who has developed perfumes for iconic international brands such as Tiffany, Burberry, Lancôme, and more. Available here.

Savage, A Journey through the Opioid Epidemic is Stephen J. Sacchi’s of how one gifted young person, from a good home, got caught up in the drinking and drugging of our time, and his path to recovery. At times funny, this book is a harrowing ordeal of how drugs and their allure will not let you go until it causes major havoc. Stephen Sacchi grew up on Staten Island, New York. He briefly went to Hofstra University, has performed in comedy clubs, and is a recovered addict. He now writes and works in the recovery field and hosts his own podcast called “The Uncle Sacchi Podcast” where he interviews other authors and people in recovery from addiction. Available here.  

Joyful, Sorrowful, and Ordinary Mysteries is collection of short stories that have a light existential theme. All the stories involve a quest and he wide array of characters are imperfect and unconventional, with an approach to life that raises more questions than it answers. Raymond Fortunato is an author, playwright,  and singer/songwriter. His play Nothing’s Plenty for Me opened off Broadway in February 2022. Raymond is a singer-songwriter with four albums including the Life I Love You Suit. Available here.

I Knew I Was a Girl: A Memoir in Poetry is Christine’s first book of poetry. This stunningly evocative collection of 101 poems shares her life story that will resonate with every woman who has ever fallen in love, come to the end of a long relationship, and looked again for love and found it. The cover is a photo of James Dean and Christine, shortly before James Dean’s death in 1955. Christine Quarnstrom is a Chicago native, a mother of five and grandmother of seven, who taught middle school for almost twenty years.  Available here.

You Be the Judge is a mystery about a famous author on trial for murdering her adoring, much younger husband. Two of the selected jurors are the witty young indomitable women, Burke and Jackie, who became instant friends. They decide to solve the case and Burke tries to use the information to entice the denfense lawyer to fall for her.  Kathie Keppler taught Special Education in Rockland’s Psychiatric Center, NY and has a post graduate degree in Psychology from Fordham University. You Be the Judge is her first novel. Available here.

America’s Environmental Crisis: Why We Are Winning the Battle but Losing the War to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe shares personal experiences, as well as other short stories of climate change and nature preservation to shed light on the issues of climate change, and present some solutions. Peter Wellenberger was the manager of the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve for over 20 years. His work included protecting over 10,000 acres of coastal lands in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and other private entities.  Available here.

A Vanishing in Greenwich Village follows Ellie Allington, a successful Manhattan real estate broker, who decides to leave her unfaithful husband and replaces years of loneliness with the strength to find herself again. Ellie meets a mysterious new friend, Valeria, and starts a romance with a handsome detective, but they are soon drawn into Valeria’s troubled past. Elisabeth Amaral was a real estate broker in New York City. She is the author of a children’s book, a collection of short stories, and a memoir.  Available here.

A Suitable Necklace: Sabine Kumar is a con-artist and cat burglar who returns to Delhi with a scheme to exact revenge on JJ Singh, her ex-partner and lover who.  She sets her sights on the famous Barodan Necklace, but the heist goes wrong, and the necklace mysteriously disappears. Kim Akhtar is a writer and wine sommelier. She has written and published five books with Roca Editorial in Barcelona, and is a wine director with the Stephen Starr Group. Available here.

Forget the Drama, Avoid the Trauma is a “Divorce-How-To/How-Not-To,” which is packed with critical advice. The author’s own metamorphosis from a panicked “ex,” to a successful woman provides an uplifting and damn funny flip side to a book also packed with critical advice. Robin DesCamp is a family law attorney and has written extensively on the topic of divorce law. Her advice column, which tackles a myriad of migraine-inducing problems in the current system, formed the basis for her book.. Available here.

Your Magnetic Energy: Finding the Power to Become More is a ground-breaking self-help book that takes the power of positive thinking to its next level. Through communication, time management and creative thinking, Hoeger gives us powerful yet manageable steps to achieving a more fulfilling life. Dan Hoeger is an ordained Deacon an entrepreneur and employer. He brings to this book his 40-plus years of experience as a business entrepreneur and employer of over 1,000 people from an array of professional disciplines.  Available here.

Keep Going No Matter What: The Reginald F. Lewis Legacy: 20 Years Later chronicles Reginald Lewis’s rise to becoming the first African American billionaire. Numerous individuals who knew Reginald F. Lewis share their compelling stories about how his life impacted theirs. Loida Lewis is a well regarded philanthropist and entrepreneur. After her husband’s passing, she became the CEO of the company. Ponchitta Pierce has worked as a journalist, television host and producer and media consultant. Available here.

Renew Your Life Now: Incredibly Easy Success Principles is all about how you can never stop growing, always find new ways to make your life more exciting, more productive, and more meaningful. Life is about success….and success is living your purpose and living with love. This book provides 12 Incredibly Easy Success Principles to help you identify and achieve your goals. Norene Thomas-Davoreen is an author, certified life coach, motivational speaker, and the former Director of Nursing at the New York City Department of corrections, Rikers Island.  Available here.

Tales from the Frontier and Adolessons are collection of stories and essays written by Barry’s students from the Rio Grande Valley School in Texas on, amongst other topics, love, art, society, and identity. Central Park South Publishing designed and produced the book for Barry and his students to use in their classroom and distribute in their school.  Barry Glasser is a filmmaker and producer, a teacher, and the co-founder of PSJA Southwest Film Society.

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Finding Self Motivated Engagement: In the Hyper Driven World of Work is an innovative business book that uses real-world examples  of successful leaders, to explore the current state of worker disengagement and dissatisfaction. This book will help young professionals tackle any obstacle thrown their way, and find greater success at work. Vinay Singh has held a 20-year career as a Human Capital and Future-of-Work Transformation advisor spans an extensive portfolio of over 100 organizations, including dozens of the Fortune 500 companies.

A Lad from Liverpool: Life Stories is a collection of life stories about a boy growing up in a large, poor, happy family and having rather a good time of it all. Derek’s journey takes us from the streets of wartime Liverpool, England to the sidewalks of 21st century New York. Derek Hughes is a proud husband, father, and grandfather. He became CEO of Western World Insurance Group after a long career in the industry. His 2006 book Absolute Beginnings documents the early history of the company.

Isle of Hope is an inspirational memoir of Michael finding redemption from physical abusive by his adoptive father, and sexual abuse by his father’s brother, the head of the Catholic Church in Los Angeles; and ultimately the reconnecting with lost relatives after many years of searching both in Ireland and the US. Michael Hawkes has had a successful career in advertising and marketing, and owns his very successful design company, Hawkes Graphics. He was featured in the documentary Ireland’s Lost Babies, which aired on the BBC in 2014.

The Village Way is a unique educational methodology that is being utilized in dozes of high schools and youth villages serving youth at risk from diverse populations of Israeli society. It serves as a blueprint for educators, guiding them to provide teenagers and young adults with a cohesive feeling of wholeness, a sense of purpose, and the tools to become contributing members of society. Dotan Levi is an educator with more than 20 years of experience working with immigrant and at-risk youth, has served as the director of the Village Way Educational Institute for over a decade.

The Funny Bone of Dr. Michael Stone is a compendium of humor that emanates from Dr. Stone’s lifelong love of words, language and the drive to connect to the soul of others. Writings and fanciful drawings are combined in this first volume of work, in the form of jokes, limericks, puns and poems. Dr. Michael Stone is a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University in New York City and works at forensic psychiatric hospitals in New York State. He is the author of several hundred psychiatric articles and the book The Anatomy of Evil.

The Price of Pleasure is an erotic thriller, that follows FBI agent Jon Fenwick as he goes undercover in La Levrier, a modern-day brothel. He successfully poses as a client to get close to the owner, Claire, and her enterprise. The mission is complicated by Jon and Claire developing a passion for each other, and and lust turns to love. Leighton Francis is an accomplished writer, successful entrepreneur and devoted parent. With a love of travel, Leighton has trekked the globe, indulged a fondness of live theatre and nurtured an affinity for French culture and couture.