Living With the Dutch: An American Woman Finds Friendship Abroad is a touching and humorous account of a family learning to tackle expatriate problems as they learned to understand and love a new country, its people, and its culture. You will laugh and cry as Norean wittingly relates her observations of the Dutch and muses about her attempt to balance her roles of wife, mother and mentor.

Norean Sharpe is the author of textbooks and numerous scholarly papers in her field of statistics and the history of women in science. Norean has taught at Bowdoin College, Babson College, Georgetown University, and St. John’s University. The first edition of Living with the Dutch: An American Family in The Hague was published by KIT Publishers, Amsterdam in 2005. Available here.

Cherry Angels and Earthly Tigers: My Life Among Dangerous Wild Animals is the stunning memoir of a beautiful, rebellious young woman who rescues scores of dangerous exotic animals and cares for them by turning to prostitution. This unique, provocative, eerie story details Angela Harter’s 16 years as the owner of Rescue One and as the proprietor and only employee of Cherry Angels escort services. Her story takes readers into the dark heart of America’s peculiar and frequently disturbing exotic animal underworld.

Angela Harter grew up feral on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, abused, neglected and frequently in trouble with the law. For 16 years, she operated two businesses – Rescue One Exotic Cat Sanctuary, where she housed scores of abused tigers, lions, cougars and leopards on her property, and Cherry Angels, a one-woman escort service that she used to support the sanctuary. She now lives in Lancaster, Ohio, with her husband, David, a truck driver. Available here. 

A Moment in Time: Finding Strength in a Pandemic is a collection of COVID-19 missives and musings. They are hopeful, and sad, rational, and whimsical. They honor the hard work and process of making it through a moment in time – some lessons learned, some experiences shared, some practical practices delineated and some silver linings shining through.

Jody Kussin, Ph.D., is a kind, funny, bright, skilled, and thoughtful clinical psychologist and author, who works to help strengthen and enhance the lives of teens, parents, adults, couples, schools, and communities. A practicing psychologist for more than 35 years, Dr. Kussin sees patients ranging from ‘tweens to adults, and is a highly sought out public speaker for schools and agencies. Available here.

Will You Keep Me Tomorrow will take the reader on a journey of wealth, poverty, romance, surprise and murder across the globe. Chester Jones is a successful CEO of a mining equipment company in Victoria, Australia. Chester’s life is changed when he finds a baby abandoned in the Dandenong Ranges, on the same night that the shark eaten body of a woman washes up on a nearby beach. Will the connection between these mysterious events come back to haunt him?

Steven Fine has held careers in exhibition security, retail, and public relations in South Africa, before finally finding his passion in safari expeditions and travel writing. Through his work there he met prominent figures such as Nelson Mandela. On moving to Australia, Steven is a motivational speaker based on his unique life and experiences. Available here.

That’s What Junkies Do is a brutally honest, often dark journey of one man’s struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction. Now, a grown man and upstanding citizen, with a career, a fiancé and people who count on him every day, Thomas secretly navigates his way through a seven-and-a-half-year struggle with various prescription medications, eventually finding his way back to recovery and the life he always prayed for when times were at their worst.

Thomas Figlioli Thomas M. Figlioli, a first time author, grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Pace University in Pleasantville, New York and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. After a brief run in the financial industry and various odd jobs, he turned to a career in civil service. His passion for writing and sharing his story with others led him to pursue his dream of becoming a published author. Available here.

The Power of Perfume shares fragrance tips to help you discover your unique personality. Phillips takes readers on a journey of scents, sharing secrets, histories and the effect of the rarest of ingredients she has collected throughout her storied career. This book is a compilation of Sue’s love of perfume and the answers given to the numerous questions asked by so many people who are fascinated by this marvelous subject, of how to choose it and where to wear it.

Sue Phillips is a ‘scentrepreneur’ and fragrance expert who has developed perfumes for iconic international brands such as Tiffany, Burberry, Lancôme, and more. She founded her company Scenterprises to help individuals and companies create their own perfumes and colognes. Available here.

Nik III follows the exciting journey of a young man, Nicholas III, and his three companions in reclaiming his lost heritage as one of the last heirs to the Romanov dynasty and, in the process, taking on a global syndicate that threatens the free peoples of the earth. Nik learns that he is the direct descendant of the murdered Czar Nicholas Romanov the Second, and he sees it as his responsibility to reclaim his rightful place as emancipator of the Russian peoples.

Michael LaMantia lives on the East Coast of the U.S and works as an investor. From a large Italian family, he enjoys reading, writing, and studying history. Available here.

Joyful, Sorrowful, and Ordinary Mysteries is collection of short stories that have a light existential theme. All the stories involve a quest: to have passion in order to be a better writer, to fight for free speech, to save a co-worker who is unfairly targeted to lose their job, take a great risk to raise a vast amount of money for earthquake relief in Italy, repent a seemingly-righteous murder. The wide array of characters are imperfect and unconventional, with an approach to life that raises more questions than it answers.

Raymond Fortunato is an author, playwright,  and singer/songwriter. His play Nothing’s Plenty for Me was slated to open off-Broadway in April of 2020 until the pandemic disrupted that schedule. Raymond is a singer-songwriter with four albums including the Life I Love You SuitAvailable here.

Savage, A Journey through the Opioid Epidemic is Stephen J. Sacchi’s of how one gifted young person, from a good home, got caught up in the drinking and drugging of our time, only to lose friends, to come near death himself, lose his education and shot at careers, a girl he loved, his family’s hopes and respect, and then to lose faith that he could ever recover. At times funny, this book is a harrowing ordeal of how drugs and their allure will not let you go until it causes major havoc.

Stephen Sacchi grew up on Staten Island, New York. He briefly went to Hofstra University, has performed in comedy clubs, and is a recovered addict. He now writes and works in the recovery field and hosts his own podcast called “The Uncle Sacchi Podcast” where he interviews other authors and people in recovery from addiction.. Available here.  


I Knew I Was a Girl: A Memoir in Poetry is Christine’s first book of poetry. This stunningly evocative collection of 101 poems shares her life story that will resonate with every woman who has ever fallen in love, come to the end of a long relationship, and looked again for love and found it. The cover is a photo of James Dean and Christine, shortly before James Dean’s death in 1955.

Christine Quarnstrom is a Chicago native, a mother of five and grandmother of seven, who taught middle school for almost twenty years. She is now retired and lives in California with her husband and corgi, where she continues to pursue her passion for writing. Available here.

You Be the Judge is a mystery about a famous author on trial for murdering her adoring, much younger husband. Two of the selected jurors are the witty young indomitable women, Burke and Jackie, who became instant friends. The defendant’s lawyer, Eugene, is handsome and upright and Burke immediately falls in love with him. It is Jackie and Burke who solve the case and Burke tries to use the information to entice Eugene to fall for her. But the path of true love and murder, as we know, are never clear.

Kathie Keppler taught Special Education in Rockland’s Psychiatric Center, NY and has a post graduate degree in Psychology from Fordham University. You Be the Judge is her first novel. Available here.

America’s Environmental Crisis: Why We Are Winning the Battle but Losing the War to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe shares personal experiences, as well as other short stories of climate change and nature preservation to shed light on the issues of climate change, and present some solutions. For over twenty years Peter Wellenberger was the manager of the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. His work included protecting over 10,000 acres of coastal lands in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and other private entities

Peter Wellenberger graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science degree where he studied recreation and parks management with a minor in sociology. He earned a master of science degree in resource management and public administration from Antioch New England graduate school after completing a these on agricultural land protection. Available here.

A Vanishing in Greenwich Village follows Ellie Allington, a successful Manhattan real estate broker, who decides to leave her unfaithful husband and replaces years of loneliness with the strength to find herself again. Ellie meets a mysterious new friend, Valeria, and starts a romance with a handsome detective, but they are soon drawn into Valeria’s troubled past. This is a story about relationships-Ellie’s relationships with her family, her tenants, real estate, and her ill-fated friendship with Valeria.

Elisabeth Amaral has designed jewelry, co-owned both a children’s boutique and a restaurant in Harvard Square and was a real estate broker in New York City for many years. She is the author of a children’s book, Elodie at the Corner Market; a collection of short stories, When Any Kind of Love Will Do; and a memoir, Czar Nicholas, The Toad, and Duck Soup. Available here.

A Suitable Necklace: Sabine Kumar is a con-artist and cat burglar who returns to Delhi with a scheme to exact revenge on JJ Singh, her ex-partner and lover who, five years prior, gave her up to the Indian police and cut a deal to save himself, sending her on the run. She sets her sights on the famous Barodan Necklace, and plans to steal it in an elaborate heist. But the plan goes wrong, and the necklace mysteriously disappears. Who has it?

Kim Akhtar is a writer and wine sommelier. She has written and published five books with Roca Editorial in Barcelona. Dividing her time equally between writing and her wine studies, she is currently studying for her WEST diploma and is a wine director with the Stephen Starr Group.  Available here.

Forget the Drama, Avoid the Trauma is a “Divorce-How-To/How-Not-To,” which is packed with critical advice. The author’s own metamorphosis from a panicked “ex,” to a successful woman provides an uplifting and damn funny flip side to a book also packed with critical advice on how to navigate the legal waters of divorce.

Robin DesCamp is a family law attorney and has written extensively on the topic of divorce law. Her advice column, which tackles a myriad of migraine-inducing problems in the current system, formed the basis for her book. Available here.

Your Magnetic Energy: Finding the Power to Become More is a ground-breaking self-help book that takes the power of positive thinking to its next level. Through communication, time management and creative thinking, Hoeger exams the paradigm of our world in simple terms and gives us powerful yet manageable steps to achieving a more fulfilling life.

Dan Hoeger is an ordained Deacon an entrepreneur and employer. Dan Hoeger brings to this book his 40-plus years of experience as a business entrepreneur and employer of over 1,000 people from an array of professional disciplines. At retirement, he was the President/ CEO of a company with sales exceeding $80 million. Available here.

My Love Affair of Thorns and Rose is a book of poetry influenced by the author’s play A Year in Picasso. This beautiful collection of poetry captures moments of love found and lost. From extraordinary joy, to extreme sorrow, to new beginnings. A heart wrenching love story told in the form of poetry.

Natalia Lazarus is well known and respected in Hollywood as the passionate Founder and Producer of the distinguished Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory and its iconic Promenade Playhouse, which are celebrating its 25 th anniversary this year. She is an actress, writer, and director who has produced more than 35 stage plays, and performed on television. Coming Soon.

The Upside to Everything, Even Breast Cancer is a must-read is for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. Drescher creates a comprehensive guide that combines medical and practical information, and shares wisdom gathered from fifteen years volunteering on a breast cancer helpline and from speaking to women around the world.

Theresa Drescher is a life and career coach, author, an entrepreneur, the director of a nonprofit, and a twenty-two-year breast cancer survivor. Coming Soon.

Sona: The Story of a Dog Who Taught Me About Love is the heartfelt story of the love between a sly, clever dog and a very busy journalist. It seemed that Ponchitta had everything in life, but when a beautiful cocker spaniel caught her eye in a pet store window, she knew she was missing puppy love. Including well researched advice on raising a dog, tackling everything from training, to aging process, and ultimately, the grieving process

Ponchitta Pierce has had a prolific career television host and producer, a journalist, and a speechwriter. She has worked at CBS News as a special correspondent, and at WNBC-TV in New York, where she hosted and co-produced a daily television show, Today in New York, and served as a Contributing Editor for Parade and McCall’s magazines, a Roving Editor for Reader’s Digest. Coming Soon.

Bon Amour: Love’s Pursuit of Happiness is a beautiful memoir written in the form of a novel, that recounts Ken McAdams meeting his first wife, Bobbye, and the highs and lows they experienced while building a house together in New England. Ken shares the humorous mishaps and heartfelt moments, while also telling the story of how he began his writing career.

Ken McAdams is a graduate of Yale University, but a character who always found a way to get into trouble, and still was one who would come up with roses. He is a former Marine Corps Naval Aviator who broke four world records and received decoration as the first civilian volunteer to fly Marines into Iraq. Coming Soon.

Testimonials for Central Park South Publishing

Central Park South Publishing for me, have delivered, and in the interest of customer service they certainly go the extra mile. I would recommend them any time, any day for any aspiring authors out there.”
Will You Keep Me Tomorrow by Steven Fine
“Absolutely loved working with Central Park South Publishing. Aside from making it easy for my lifelong dream to come true they came up with a cover that I absolutely adore and handled the entire process with love and care.”
Savage: A Journey Through the Opioid Epidemic by Stephen J. Sacchi
“It’s such a pleasure working with you.  I can’t believe my luck!…Absolutely love the cover. I couldn’t imagine a better one for this book. I could look at it all day! Thank you.  You’ve been like magic for me, all this and during a pandemic. You are my hero and I’m not kidding. And I know you have new books to work on too. During these days it takes a woman of steel (New York strong!).
A Vanishing in Greenwich Village by Liz Amaral
“My book release response…has been overwhelming.  I have since heard from many  friends and former colleagues who plan to order the book. I also received my first copies from Amazon and they look great…The result more than exceeds my expectations. Many people have commented on how much they love the cover. Thanks again for all of your efforts.”
America’s Environmental Crisis by Peter Wellenberger
“It was exciting to find my book on the doorstep Saturday!…The book looks beautiful […]My husband, Lee, says he’s so proud of me…I think the whole project “book” is one, maybe the only one really good thing we could accomplish in this troubled 2020. Thanks for being the pivotal player in this wonderful book experience.”
I Knew I Was a Girl by Christine Quarnstrom
I began working with Linda and Central Park Publishing in the later part of 2019 with the publishing of my book, Your Magnetic Energy, Finding the Power to Become More. I found Linda and her staff to be of the highest integrity in all their dealings. They were always ready and willing to address my every question or concern. The entire staff are true professionals at what they do. Their marketing efforts shine and become a true benefit to both new and seasoned authors. I would highly recommend Linda Langton and Central Park Publishing to anyone.”
Your Magnetic Energy: Finding the Power to Become More by Dan Hoeger