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Since its inception in January 2020, Central Park South Publishing has become an internationally successful, established publisher.

Central Park South Publishing offers the full array of publishing services, bringing your manuscript from a rough draft to a published, polished book and delivers it to the bookstores internationally and all the online retailers. Our books are available internationally, in hardback, trade paperback and eBooks.

We have joined one of the largest print book distribution networks in the world for published books around the globe where our books are offered for distribution to over 170 countries through more than 100+ retail stores, and includes distribution through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.  and all wholesale networks worldwide.

We edit, proofread, publish and print our books on quality paper in all recommended book sizes.

Beautifully designed front and back covers for hardback, trade paperback, and eBooks: we reach readers worldwide.

We are here to help you become a published author. Ask for a quote at centralparksouthpublishing@gmail.com

Contact us at centralparksouthpublishing@gmail.com
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