Tips for Indie Author Success

Making it in the publishing world is no easy task, especially for indie authors. Therefore, if you are a struggling indie author, we’d like to share some helpful tips for indie author success.

First and foremost, adaptability is vital when discussing tips for indie author success. The publishing world is an ever-changing industry. Meaning the way publishing works is constantly evolving and trends in readership and in the overall publishing market. Therefore, you must keep yourself updated on all the current trends and utilize that knowledge.

Most importantly, for indie author success, you should pay attention to which type of books are doing well at the moment. Therefore, look at the bestseller charts and notice what books are currently appealing to readers. Surveying bestsellers will allow you to keep track of trends and, most importantly, note where your book falls in the current market. As you survey, notice how you too can contribute to the market by writing a book that is timely and appeals to the existing audience.

Furthermore, an essential tip for indie author success is establishing a readership. Having a readership on your side will get your name out there and ensure that you sell books fast. Many authors have talked about how their readership has helped promote their books and attract a larger audience. Additionally, having a strong readership shows publishers an enthusiastic audience following you and your book.

When striving for success as an indie author, the importance of marketing is obvious. A strong marketing plan helps attract a readership and gets your book on the bestsellers list. Most likely, you have the best marketing tool at the moment right at your fingertips: social media. Crafting a solid social media platform ensures that readers know who you are and are aware of your work. And most importantly, it allows you to create a connection with your readers. You can quickly get started by brainstorming ideas to make a solid marketing plan. For example, you can create an author website to share your story with readers and show off your work.

If a marketing plan seems too intimidating and unfamiliar, you can always hire a professional to help guide you along although there will be a cost involved.

Lastly, a fundamental tip for indie author success is to always keep writing. Write often, and don’t be scared to try new things. To be successful, you must become an expert in your genre and constantly evolve as a writer. So, make sure always to make time for writing, and if you work, make it at the end of the day and at weekends.  Never stop writing if this is your passion it will help you hone your writing skills – the more your write the more successful you will be as an indie writer.

We hope the tips for indie author success that we’ve shared with you have been helpful.

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