Testimonials for Central Park South Publishing

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“Central Park South Publishing is an excellent, responsive publisher. Linda Langton and her staff are personable, helpful, and committed to their authors, and Central Park South offers a unique flexibility to authors who want to maintain creative control of their work. You don’t have to sign your life away to get published. Central Park South provides professional guidance while still allowing the author to have their say. If you want a great ally in the publishing industry, Central Park South Publishing is the way to go. ” —Epoch by Kat Elle

“Central Park Publishing has done a very good job of getting my book to the finish line. They were very helpful with the editing. Their art department was fabulous, and their professionalism shown through by the works of their team. My co-authors and I were very comfortable with the process and the ease of which they worked with us. As this was our first book, I thought the whole process was well accomplished.” —Isle of Hope by Michael Hawkes, with Susan Hawkes and Stephen Wunderli

“As a self-publishing author for the past 14 years, I decided to engage with Central Park South Publishing to carry the third novel in my Jack Calder series, Savage Payback. From the outset, the attention to detail from Central Park South Publishing has been outstanding. The desire to put the author at the centre of what they do is superb. The cover was given a terrific revamp, and I was kept in the loop throughout the entire process of getting the book out to over 100 distribution outlets. I full-heartedly recommend Linda and her team to any author seeking to follow my path.” —Savage Payback by Seumas Gallacher

“I felt compelled to write a memoir about working for the most influential film producer of the ’70’s, Tony Bill…but I didn’t know how to get it published. Then I submitted it to the team at Central Park South Publishing, and I knew that it had found a home. They immediately recognized the potential in my story, and not only gave me the go-ahead for publishing it, but also included me in every aspect of the process, from the cover design to the internet marketing strategy. I can honestly say that “Hollywood Wingman” turned out exactly as I had hoped, and I can’t imagine that it would have happened the way it did anywhere else.” — Hollywood Wingman by Joe Bucz

“Shock & Awe! Working with Central Park South Publishing was not only the highest level of professionalism, it was a seamless process. But, most of all, they ‘got’ my book. The design, the nurturing and guidance was spot-on from beginning to end. It was extraordinary how much they saw my vision for my book Secession.” —Secession by Dr. John Mayer and Koji Steven Sakai

“My experience with Central Park South Publishing has far exceeded my expectations in every respect for a “hybrid” publishing experience. The editors and designers are top notch professionals and have taken a deep interest in helping my book become the best that it can be. They are dedicated to perfection and are flexible beyond what most commercial publishers might be. Cover design and interior design, excellent. Editing approach allowing the author several rounds of edits, excellent. My book is truly a better product than I feel it would have been through mainstream, or self-publishing options.” —Better Endings: A Guide to Creative Re-Visioning by Dr. Linda K. Watts

“Central Park South Publishing brought my book to fruition, and I could not be happier with the results. I investigated other publishers but kept coming back to Linda’s team. They are professional and responsive and provided flexibility where I needed it. The book is beautiful and landed on the top of Amazon’s list as the #1 new release in breast cancer within ten days of publishing! Thank you!!”–The Upside to Everything, Even Breast Cancer by Theresa Drescher

Central Park South Publishing for me, have delivered, and in the interest of customer service they certainly go the extra mile. I would recommend them any time, any day for any aspiring authors out there.”
Will You Keep Me Tomorrow by Steven Fine
“Central Park south was a pleasure to work with. They published my book in a timely manner and kept me involved every step of the way. The cover and interior design were amazing. I would work with them again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them to any author looking to publish their book.”
That’s What Junkies Do by Thomas Filglioi
“I published my short story collection, Joyful, Sorrowful and Ordinary Mysteries with the help of Central Park South Publishing in April 2021. Central Park South was very professional and proficient. I am very pleased with the internal layout and font of the text and have received a great deal of praise for the cover design. It was a pleasure to work with the staff and I am very pleased to have my short stories published. The critical praise for the stories and the book from reviewers and readers has been very gratifying.”
Joyful, Sorrowful and Ordinary Mysteries by Raymond Fortunato
“It’s such a pleasure working with you.  I can’t believe my luck!…Absolutely love the cover. I couldn’t imagine a better one for this book. I could look at it all day! Thank you.  You’ve been like magic for me, all this and during a pandemic. You are my hero and I’m not kidding. And I know you have new books to work on too. During these days it takes a woman of steel (New York strong!).
A Vanishing in Greenwich Village by Liz Amaral
I will always remember the first time my students saw their names and work in print, thanks to the anthologies of their essays that I have published for the last two years through Central Park Publishing. These volumes have become respected educational textbooks, and life-changing boosts to my students’ self-esteem, influencing some of them to pursue writing careers. Thank you Central Park Publishing for the artistry with which you perform an invaluable, transformative service.
Tales from the Frontier and Adolessons by Barry Glasser
“My book release response…has been overwhelming.  I have since heard from many  friends and former colleagues who plan to order the book. I also received my first copies from Amazon and they look great…The result more than exceeds my expectations. Many people have commented on how much they love the cover. Thanks again for all of your efforts.”
America’s Environmental Crisis by Peter Wellenberger
“It was exciting to find my book on the doorstep Saturday!…The book looks beautiful […]My husband, Lee, says he’s so proud of me…I think the whole project “book” is one, maybe the only one really good thing we could accomplish in this troubled 2020. Thanks for being the pivotal player in this wonderful book experience.”
I Knew I Was a Girl by Christine Quarnstrom
“Absolutely loved working with Central Park South Publishing. Aside from making it easy for my lifelong dream to come true they came up with a cover that I absolutely adore and handled the entire process with love and care.”
Savage: A Journey Through the Opioid Epidemic by Stephen J. Sacchi
I began working with Linda and Central Park Publishing in early 2020 with the publishing of my book, Your Magnetic Energy, Finding the Power to Become More. I found Linda and her staff to be of the highest integrity in all their dealings. They were always ready and willing to address my every question or concern. The entire staff are true professionals at what they do. Their marketing efforts shine and become a true benefit to both new and seasoned authors. I would highly recommend Linda Langston and Central Park Publishing to anyone.”
Your Magnetic Energy: Finding the Power to Become More by Dan Hoeger