Finding Self-Motivated Engagement

Discover state-of-the-Art Action Learning principles that meet traditional storytelling integrated into a younger-in-career digestible format!

Singh uses real-world examples and those of successful leaders, as he explores the current state of worker disengagement and dissatisfaction – and fuses relevant data with in-demand leadership traits and designs precise positive call-to-actions for workplace situations.

“It isn’t enough to explain the problem, and that’s why most books fail to help the reader, that’s why less than 5% of books are ever read cover-to-cover.”

This next-generation adult leader development book offers readers positive solutions, including:

  • Taking action
  • The art of good decision-making
  • Creating a motivated talent culture
  • Inspiring leadership
  • Persistence, resilience, and believing in yourself in tough times
  • Leadership through open communication
  • Honesty and ethics in the workplace
  • Holding yourself to a level of accountability that people admire
  • and much more!

Whether you’re a young executive or an aspiring Gen Z high-potential, this book is filled with lessons for fast digestible and organization-focused action-based lessons with specific tools, processes and tips to master personal motivation and engagement for your on-the-go life.

Adapt these traits and qualities and, you’re not only on your way to becoming the next corporate superstar in your organization!

Order your copy now and find greater happiness and satisfaction in your personal life!

About The Author

Vinay Singh holds an Ed.M. in Adult Learning and Leadership from Columbia University’s Teachers College and an MBA in Management of Technology from New Jersey Institute of Technology. His 20-year career as a Human Capital and Future-of-Work Transformation advisor spans an extensive portfolio of over 100 organizations, including dozens of the Fortune 500 companies. Singh leverages two decades of executive management consulting and corporate experiences to help young business leaders, rising potentials and future enterprise hopefuls navigate a most challenging new decade.

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