A Civil War!

After a series of presidential administrations pummeled the powers of the individual states, the US is left angry and severely divided. A

shocking act of violence against the federal government is the kindling that ignites a fire that takes the rage against Washington to the point of no return. Although fiction, the story details the facts that can make this thriller a reality. Several states stand on the brink of Secession. This story tells you how it unfolds.

A typical California family is torn apart by the events around them. The mom, Trisha, involuntarily becomes the figurehead of the movement to secede, putting herself and her family in grave danger as the armed aggression escalates to the point of all out civil war.

This exciting tale is stocked with action and drawn from the events exploding in the news every day.

About The Author

John E. Mayer is an author and award-winning screenwriter with 10 scripts to his credit, a film producer, film consultant and has done assignment work as a consultant on crime/violence and psychological elements for studios/producers. John teaches writing at a major international university. In his ‘day job’ John is an internationally acclaimed clinical psychologist specializing in abnormal behaviors in young people. (Violence, crime, substance abuse, serial killers, etc.) Mayer is also the creator and host of the popular podcast, Anxiety’s a B!tch!

Koji Steven Sakai is a writer and producer of numerous films, television shows, books, graphic novels, and podcasts. The only thing he loves more than writing stories is teaching others how to write their own. He is currently teaching at UCLA Extension and New York Film Academy.
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