Planning a Book Launch

The act of releasing a new book is almost akin to a debutant ball or a graduation celebration. In this article, we will look at some important steps we should consider when planning a book launch.


  1. Set a date

Planning a book launch date giving you a goal to work towards and will motivate you to finish your part of the publishing process on schedule. It also allows you and/or your agent time to build anticipation among your target audience. Planning a book launch date when scheduled several months before the book is released, allows  plenty of time to pique readers’ interest, push them to pre-order the book, and encourage them to spread the word to their friends.


  1. Acquire some good reviews

Positive reviews can be shared as a part of the book launch date announcement, used in marketing initiatives for the book, and included in on-going media campaigns. You can share advance copies with other authors, professionals in the publishing industry, experts familiar with the topic of your work, journalists, and social media influencers who are known for promoting books. So in this way it is really important to have a book launch date.


  1. Announce the book to your target market

There are dozens of ways to promote a new book to your target audience. You can share the cover, synopsis, and release date on social media. You can provide local bookstores with marketing materials to display. You can also ask to be featured in publishing newsletters or send out your own emails to contacts.


  1. Promote your book in-person

One of the simplest ways for an author to promote a  book launch is as a guest appearance on a podcast that features local authors or promotes books that focus on the same topic as the show. You can also reach out to your local bookstores and libraries and offer to do readings for your book launch. Finally, depending on the content of your work, you may be able to promote your book launch date by attending or speaking at relevant conventions or panel discussions. If you think your book will resonate with a specific audience, these types of events can be a great way to target potential readers.


  1. Host a launch party

Launch parties are typically hosted by an author’s agent or publisher, but you can also host one yourself. Invite people who have contributed to the book or supported you while you wrote it. This may include your family and friends, your editor, your agent, people you used as sources or interviewed and anyone who helped you with research who all can help with your book launch. You can also invite potential readers or reviewers, like local journalists, magazine editors, bookstore owners, fellow authors and any friends or contacts you may have in the publishing world.


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