As the publishing industry changes and independent publishing becomes more established, it can be difficult to choose which publishing company you want: a commercial publisher and an independent publishing company.

How Long Will It Take to Publish a Book?

There are many benefits when working with an independent publisher. A book can be published in under 8 weeks.

An author must have a literary agent to submit their book to a traditional commercial publisher. Therefore, to find the right publisher an author must secure an agent, which takes time. Once an author has signed with an agent, the submission process begins. It can take more than 6 months to find a publisher, in spite of a lot of hard work on behalf of the agent.  The author’s book will not be available on the marketplace for 9 months after finding a publisher

An independent publishing company will often take submissions directly from the author. This will cut down on the time to get their book to market. The independent publisher will work with the author quickly and professionally. They will get the author’s book published as a trade paperback or hardback. It will be available online and in bookstores all within 8 -10 weeks.

Personalized Experience

Another benefit of working with an independent publishing company is having a more personalized experience.  Independent publishers are often smaller than large commercial publishers. They work with a small, trusted team, and are only publishing a few authors at a time. This is beneficial because the publisher will focus on the author and their book. They will personally work with the author to create the perfect book design and layout. The author will be given more voice in the process. This may not happen with working with a large, traditional publisher.

Whether a book is published by a traditional or independent publisher, the book will still be treated and distributed as a commercially published book. The physical copies will be available on Amazon and offered to major bookstores such as Barnes & Nobles. The eBook will also be available on Amazon, Kobo, and other ebook platforms.

Most publishers do not do marketing these days, whether traditional or independent publishing companies. As an author, build your platform on social media before publishing your book. This will increase your audience.

Central Park South Publishing is an independent publishing company founded in January 2020, which has been having great success so far. Some of our published titles include Forget the Drama Avoid the Trauma by Robin DesCamp, Your Magnetic Energy by Dan Hoeger, A Vanishing in Greenwich Village by Liz Amaral, and A Suitable Necklace by Kim Akhtar. Two titles coming soon are A Moment in Time by Natalia Lazarus and America’s Environmental Crisis by Peter Wellenberger.