As the publishing industry grows, there are many different options for an author to publish their book. Hybrid publishing is one popular option that has many benefits.

When many authors think of publishing, they often only consider two very different options: to sell their book to a major commercial publisher via an agent or to self-publish their book on their own. Commercial publishing is very competitive these days and selling a book to a commercial publisher is a long process. This process requires a literary agent and can take up to a year before the book is in the bookstores. Self-publishing is quick and efficient, but your book has not been vetted by a publisher. However, hybrid publishing combines both options to help an author publish their book quickly, while often providing traditional distribution.

What is Hybrid Publishing?

A hybrid publishing company produces and publishes a book through the same means as a traditional publisher. This also requires a financial investment from the author. Your book will be treated as a commercially published book through a hybrid publisher. Hybrid publishers are often smaller, independent publishers, so they require payment to cover the cost of design and production.

There are many different benefits to hybrid publishing, the first being time. Hybrid publishers work quickly to get your book ready. This includes getting your book designed, printed, and distributed to bookstores and online platforms. A large commercial publisher can take a year or more to design and publish your book. This is after you have already spent time finding an agent and going through the submission process. As hybrid publishers are smaller, and the author has made a financial investment, they will work with the author to get their book on the market quickly. This can be done in just two months.

How is Hybrid Publishing Better Than Self Publishing?

Another benefit to hybrid publishing is having the reputation and professionalism of a publishing company backing your book. While self-publishing is a quick way to get your book to readers, there is a certain degree of prestige in having your book published through an established hybrid publishing company or imprint. It shows readers and reviewers that professionals have read and vetted your book, and believed it was commercial and well written. Hybrid publishers have a team of professional designers and editors. This is to ensure that your book is produced with the highest standards. The production team will work with you to develop a fantastic cover design, and properly format your book. This design will include the imprint name and logo, which shows that your book has been professionally published.

The final benefit of hybrid publishing is traditional distribution. In self-publishing a book, you can often only sell your book on Amazon, and order a few print runs for yourself. A hybrid publisher will work with a distributor to sell your book on Amazon and other online platforms. These as well as in physical bookstores such as Barnes and Noble and independent bookstores. Your book will reach a larger audience and you will receive royalties on sales as you would with a traditional publisher.

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