What is Hybrid Publishing?: 5 Reasons It Might Be Exactly What You Need


Central Park South Publishing is a hybrid publisher, an option for publishing that has many benefits. Typically, authors only think of two options when publishing their book: to sell their book to a major commercial publisher with the help of an agent, or to self-publish their book on their own, both of those options have challenges, while hybrid publishing combines both options to get a book published quickly and giving the author flexibility on design and pricing.


Hybrid publishing is a balanced way to help authors get their book out to the reading world, both quickly and efficiently, with the help and attention required that an author deserves. A hybrid publishing company like Central Park South Publishing produces,  which publishes a book through the same channels as a traditional publisher,  but gives the author the ability to have input in design,  layout and price, for a financial investment from the author to cover the design and production. The investment brings a much shorter time in the publishing of the book, attention and input to detail and efficiency that comes with a hybrid publisher.


1. Hybrid publishing means shared responsibility between an author and a publishing company

Because of the financial investment, both parties take the same responsibility for the book. Central Park South Publishing takes on the responsibility of making sure an author’s book isucceeds, and it means that both publisher and author both put the time and care into making sure the book gains an audience.


2. It’s a third option for those who don’t have time for traditional publishing or self publishing

While big commercial publishers are competitive and have many clients keeping them busy, and self publishing means your book doesn’t get vetted by a publisher, hybrid publishers like Central Park South Publishing, give important personal time to an author and provide the editing, choices of front and back covers and reviews that a book needs to be perfect.


3. It’s a way for authors to get published quickly and legitimately

Central Park South Publishing is able to design, print, and distribute a book to bookstores and online platforms within 6-8 weeks. After the long process of writing a book, the last thing an author should want is the many months or even years it takes a traditional publisher to publish their book. Hybrid publishers are much faster, and publish legitimately.


4. It’s perfect for authors who are invested in results

Being published is the primary way to establish oneself as an author, and when working with a hybrid publisher, the chances of being published are far greater than working with a commercial publisher. Central Park South Publishing has published books in many genres, and the experience is helpful to get authors published.


5. Hybrid publishing makes it easier than ever to become a real, published, legitimate author

Every publisher works with different levels of experienced authors, and Central Park South Publishing has worked with many first time authors publishing their first book. They have also worked with experienced authors who are looking to work with a hybrid publisher, as the process is that much easier.


Hybrid publishing is an option of publishing combining both working with a commercial publisher and self-publishing, by sharing responsibility between an experienced publisher and the author. If you think hybrid publishing is the right option for you, please visit our website and contact us to publish with Central Park South Publishing. at centralparksouthpublishing@gmail.com

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