How to Write a Synopsis


If you have written your book and  decided you want control over publishing it, the first step is to design a great cover. After that you should write a synopsis to give an overview of what your book is about. Typically, these go on the back of the paperback or the inside front flaps of the hardcover. It explains the main points of the book without giving too much away,  and the reader can  then make a quick and informed decision on whether or not this is the book that they would like to buy. 
When writing a synopsis, it is important to start with the most important points first.  A good way to figure out which ideas are the most important is by asking yourself “my book is about…….?” and fill in the blank with the most important focus of your book.
Once your main points have been decided then it is time to write them down in a way that accurately captures the content of your book. If you have written an action-packed thriller, make sure the synopsis sounds exciting and edgy. If it is a children’s book, make sure the words in the synopsis fit the age range for your reader so they can understand it.
After your synopsis has been written, make sure to have someone read it to make sure it is cohesive and coherent.
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