How to Become a Published Author

The  joy of being a published author, seeing your work up on bookshelves, catching the eyes of readers, and inviting them into a world of your creation is your dream come true. The comfort of knowing that your work is being read and appreciated by readers everywhere. A dream shared by many.

But what did those authors have to go through to become a published author.  

Many authors share the same a simple belief: write, write, write.   To be published, you must prioritize your writing. Any free time that you have should be dedicated to strengthening your writing. In fact, many bestselling authors write every day.  It’s simple. If you want to become a published author your writing must be of utmost importance to you.

Next, if you’re wondering how to become a published author, you should start looking into networking. A published author has connections. Familiarize yourself with publishers, agents, and other authors by immersing yourself in the publishing world. First find a literary agent, as they will be an essential in helping you to become a published author.

Not only will an agent take on immense amounts of work for you, but they also have expertise in navigating the publishing world. A literary agent will provide you with an abundance of services and appeal to all kinds of publishers to sell your book. If you want to become a published author, we advise that you look for a literary agent who will help you navigate the publishing industry. 

Moreover, to become a published author, we recommend you do research. Today, there are many ways to publish your work. Specifically, you’ll will need  to research traditional publishing, self-publishing, and hybrid publishing to see which process appeals to you more. All three options are excellent paths. 

To continue with the theme of research, it’s advisable that you study current trends in publishing. Take notes on which books are popular and currently being published. Assess your book and how it will fit into the world of publishing, making a note of its marketability and target audience, as these are all things that a publisher will be looking for.

In today’s world, how to become a published author you will need a platform.  Build up an online platform that showcases your talent and passion for your craft, such as through social media or blogging. Publishers want to know who they are taking on, so working on your platform is immensely important.

And lastly, don’t underestimate the power of editing! Edit to your heart’s content, so publishers may receive the best book you have to offer.

At Central Park South Publishing, we work tirelessly to publish clients’ work and are always happy to take on new authors.