Building your audience

Having an audience is the safest way for authors to establish their names and leave their marks.
We’re happy to share some tips to help you build your audience.

First and foremost, it is always effective to have a clear target. As you craft the plot and give life
to the characters, keep the potential readers in mind. For instance, if your audience is close to
the juvenile pool, you might want to adjust the language to fit with the modern vernacular and
hint at ongoing cultural and social tendencies.

In addition, it is crucial to stay true to your style. A big threat to the building of a solid audience is
the failure to remain genuine for the sake of conformity. Readers will be more faithful to you if
you stay faithful to your design.

Furthermore, connecting with your audience is mandatory during the whole process. Nowadays,
it is infinitely easier than before to stay in touch with your followers. With the help of social
media, you should keep everyone updated on upcoming projects or interviews, for instance.
Also, since the connection is mutual, you can also take time to conduct polls and read your
followers’ reviews.

Finally, remember to be patient. The strongest audience will take some time to build but the
result will be worth it. Time is an essential component because readers need it to evaluate your
work and invest in you.

We hope the tips we’ve shared with you on how to build your audience have been helpful.

Central Park South Publishing is always delighted to read your work and help you maintain a
loyal audience to help your book’s success.