Once an author has found a publisher for their book, they must then focus on book distribution, and selling their books. While distribution is primarily the job of the publisher, the author should be aware of where their book is being sold and how they can help increase sales.

Book distribution is the process of getting the book from the publisher and printer into the hands of the readers. It entails where the book is sold, who orders the book, shipping, and costs. Central Park South Publishing is an independent publishing company that works with their distribution partner Ingram to ensure their authors books are treated and sold as commercial published books to the books stores as well as online to all the online books stores and through Amazon.

There are different book distribution methods. The first is through physical, brick and mortar bookstores. This include large bookstore chains such as Barnes and Noble, as well as  independent bookstores. A book will also be available on distribution  platforms such as our partner Ingram, who distribute  the books we publish through Central Park South Publishing to the retail bookstores and other retailers. This is the traditional form of distribution. Readers can browse a book in a store, read the description, purchase the book and take it home with them that day. The benefit of physical stores is that more of your targeted audience (book lovers) will see your book. A reader may choose to buy a book on impulse often once they see the cover.

Currently the most popular form of book distribution is online retailers. The largest and most popular is Amazon, but there is also Barnes and Noble online,  Abe Books, Books a Million, and many more.  The book is offered to the online retailers by the publisher and distribution center. An online retailer can sell both the physical, paperback copy of the book, as well as the digital eBook. As many people now shop online from the comfort of their homes, this is where most sales are made. A benefit of online distribution is that a book will reach a wider audience, including international readers when online. If the book is not available in a physical location near the consumer, book distribution works best online and so that the book lover can have the book shipped to their house.

The final form of book distribution is direct to consumer, or personal sales. This is where someone, usually either the author, publisher, or a marketing company, orders books directly from the  publisher or book distributor. They will give or sell books to the readers and their targeted audiences. The author plays the largest role in this form of book sales. The author can order copies of their books for promotional events and book distribution for such sales as book signings, lectures, giveaways, and other appearances. It is very important for an author to participate in marketing to increase sales from direct to consumer distribution. Publishers and printers, such as Central Park South Publishing, often give authors discounts, so that an author can order their book at a lower retail price, to use and sell at promotional events.

Central Park South Publishing is an independent publishing company that provides traditional distribution in all the ways described above. Our distribution is well coordinated and we will ensure that your book is in physical stores and all 8 online platforms, so that an author may reach their targeted audience and to increase sales.

Looking for a publisher? Let Central Park South Publishing publish your book, use our distribution process, and let Central Park South Publishing be your guide to publishing your book.  Visit our website here: https://centralparksouthpublishing.com