A Moment in Time

The pandemic of 2019-2021 shook us upside down and inside out, like a bad roller coaster, where the front part is fun, but mid-way through, we realize, ‘oops, this is not necessarily what we thought it would be.’ What a ride. Fifteen months (and still going) of uncertainty, fear, pain, loss, confusion, unrest.

This book is a collection of COVID-19 missives and musings. They are hopeful, and sad, rational, and whimsical. They honor the hard work and process of making it through a moment in time – some lessons learned, some experiences shared, some practical practices delineated and some silver linings shining through.

May we do our best to narrate our lives as though we are moving from strength to strength, as we go forward. And may we be blessed by what went before us, and by those whom we lost along the way.

About The Author

Jody Kussin, Ph.D., is a kind, funny, bright, skilled, and thoughtful clinical psychologist and author, who works to help strengthen and enhance the lives of teens, parents, adults, couples, schools, and communities. A practicing psychologist for more than 35 years, Dr. Kussin sees patients ranging from ‘tweens to adults. She has an expertise in the field of parenting and is the author of Catch Them Being Good: A Guide to Positive Parenting. Additionally, she worked in executive leadership and management positions in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, as well as serving as faculty for graduate programs where she taught courses such as lifespan development, diversity, suicide and crisis prevention and intervention, and clinical supervision.

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