A Suitable Necklace

Sabine Kumar, a con-artist and cat burglar, returns to Delhi with a scheme to exact revenge on JJ Singh, her ex-partner and lover, who, five years prior, gave her up to the Indian police and cut a deal to save himself, sending her on the run.

She sets her sights on the famous Barodan Necklace, created by the House of Richemont in Paris for the Maharajah of Barodan in 1920. The necklace mysteriously disappeared during the partition of India in 1947 and, now, more than seventy years later, has just as mysteriously reappeared.

The necklace is to be worn by famous Bollywood actress, Priya Chopra, at a high-society Delhi party thrown by JJ for her and her new husband.

Sabine plans to rob the necklace at the party and brings in Indi and Gema, a couple of old friends to execute the heist. But it goes wrong, and the necklace is out in the wind.

Who has it?

About The Author

Kim Akhtar is a writer and wine sommelier. She has written and published five books with Roca Editorial (Barcelona). Dividing her time equally between writing and her wine studies, she is currently studying for her WSET diploma and is a wine director with the Stephen Starr Group. She lives in New York City with her wheaten terrier, Baxter.

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